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Our cast includes incredible up and coming actors from numerous indie films and video games. Like our crew, our cast comes from various parts from all over the world.


as "Commander Zero"

Tim Torre is an actor hailing from New York City. Born and raised in Maryland before moving to the Big Apple, Tim has been involed in over 65 productions total, ranging from theatre to film. Tim's sci-fi work includes the web audio drama EOS 10 and the fan film Star Wars: Revan, both of which have been critically praised across the internet.


as "Lieutenant Aiden"

Chris Beckman is a long time internet friend of Chris Kroznuski hailing from Indiana. While primarily a specialist in computer coding, web development and web design, Chris has also produced a small variety of YouTube videos with his friends under Dancing Skull Productions, and loves both computers and film with equal passion. His skills, along with his comedic wit, earned him the role of Aiden in the Earth-Link saga.


as "Lieutenant Commander Rose"

Ashley M. Kalfas hails from Colorado and has been involved in acting since 2003. She has worked in the industry as a production assistant for the Spike TV Series What If? and even had a small role in Disney's The Lone Ranger. Some of her voice acting work includes Wing Commander Saga and Chris Kroznuski and Chris Cameron's personal production, Star Trek: Red Squad. Beyond her acting abilities, she also creates her own cosplay outfits and aspires to build her own workshop doing so.


as "Lieutenant Meatbag"

Clint Bracey is a lifelong friend and former schoolmate of Chris Kroznuski. He is an aspiring journalist and regularly reports on developments of animated shows, and has been an instrumental part of the promotion of Earth-Link Origins. Clint's sense of humor and growing abilities as a voice actor scored him the role of Meatbag.


as "Catscratch"

Brandon Rainsford is a native of New Jersey who started his voice acting career as a pioneer of the abridging community. Having graduated with a Bachelor's in Theater, Brandon has lent his voice to several productions from Steam games to Kickstarter based animated films.


as "Admiral Maverick"

Thomas "Tom" Gore is an accomplished actor from North Carolina. A former veteran and Apache Helicopter Pilot, Tom found his love of performing even before joining the armed forces and decided to pursue a career in it after he left active duty. Tom has over 58 acting credits to his name; he is an accomplished performer and comedian, having written skits for the Horrible Folks Comedy Show of North Carolina. Tom especially loves ensemble projects, and had approached Chris Kroznuski early in pre-production about voice acting for Earth-Link Origins


as "Dascar Atamu"

Grant Patrizio has always been a bit of a character, and caught the acting bug early on as a result.  While having a background in theatre, he has been involved with a wide variety of productions spanning theatre, film, animation, and indie video games. Two of his favorite experiences were working on the Steam game Party of Sin and the YouTube series Snackdown, where he lent his voice to a variety of characters.  This is his first time working with Chris Kroznuski and he is thrilled to be part of the cast.


as "Jupiter the Unstoppable"

Robert S. Benjamin is a prolific voice actor, having appeared in productions such as Wing Commander Saga, Vautrin, and Final Melody. He graduated from DePaul University in Chicago and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Digital Cinema. Beyond his voice acting talents, Robert also enjoys writing and directing screenplays and hopes to break out into the industry someday.


as "Endymion"

Greg Arnold is a voice actor who began his freelancing voice over career around 2014. His most notable voice work has been in providing narration for over 100 e-course videos for Packt Publishing, a global provider in IT e-books. More recent works include the antagonist Chen Gung in the indie developed video game title, A Desperate Mother's Love, and he has also been cast as minor characters for upcoming Fanime title, Time's Puppet.


as "Ganymede the Ambitious"

Alex LaFreniere is a practiced Boston-based stage actor, having appeared in such productions as No Exit, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, and Marie Antoinette, among many others. However, his real love lies in voice acting, and he is thrilled to be part of the cast.


as "Kore the Swift"

Kearia Kusanagi is a native of Scotland currently residing in Indiana. She is primarily a visual effects artist, having worked on the web series Renegades. Early in production, Keaira had expressed interest to Chris Kroznuski in doing voice acting for Earth-Link Origins; she will be making her voice acting debut with this production.


as "Miranda the Elusive"

Cassidy Rose Munley is an old friend of Chris Kroznuski and an accomplished theatre actress, having played in local productions of Shrek: The Musical and Oliver. She currently studies Liberal Arts and Sciences at Penn State University. She will be making her voice acting debut with Earth-Link Origins.

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