We are a product of collaboration from some of the best indie talent in the world. People across the entire planet are helping to contribute elements to make Earth-Link Origins happen.

Earth-Link Origins has always been a project of internet collaboration ever since its conception, and it is something that we pride ourselves on.

Most of our crew have worked on Star Trek fan productions or even professionally before working on Earth-Link Origins.


Director, Producer, Visual Effects Artist, Composer

Chris Kroznuski is a visual effects artist and animator from Saint Clair, Pennsylvania. He acts as director, producer, and primary visual effects artist and animator of Earth-Link Origins.

Chris is a recent graduate of Lehigh Carbon Community College with an Associates' Degree in Computer Animation and Digital Arts. Before pursuing Earth-Link Origins, Chris has also worked as a visual effects artist for Star Trek fan productions such as Star Trek: Red Squad and Potemkin Pictures.


Executive Producer, Visual Effects Artist

Chris Cameron acts as Executive Producer and a Visual Effects Artist on Earth-Link Origins. When the project first started in 2009, Cameron was kind enough to lend his talents to the project, and he and Kroznuski have since shared a friendship that has lasted throughout the years. Cameron hails from Nova Scotia, Canada.

Before working on Earth-Link Origins, Chris Cameron has lent his talents to Star Trek fan productions such as Star Trek Reliant and Project Potemkin.


Writer, Editor

O. R. Faulkner is a writer and editor from upstate New York. She fell in love with writing during high school, where she was continuously encouraged to submit her work to different competitions. Olivia has won several poetry competitions, and her work has been published in a handful of various books and magazines, including Xanadu Literary Magazine for Lehigh Carbon Community College; additionally, she has won NaNoWriMo twice. Her works include fantasy, creative non-fiction, and poetry; one of her greatest achievements in writing is winning the Daughters of the American Revolution essay contest in 2014.


3D Modeler, Visual Effects Artist

Michael Wiley is a 3D Modeler, Compositor, and Visual Effects artist from Illinois. He is known for his outstanding digital compositions and has had his work featured in local businesses as well as in the Star Trek: Ships of the Line calendars.


3D Modeler, Visual Effects Artist

Gabriel Koerner is a veteran Visual Effects Artist from California. His work has included visual effects for Star Trek Enterprise, The Day After Tomorrow, and Samurai Cop 2: Deadly Vengeance.


3D Modeler, Visual Effects Artist

David Metlesits is a Visual Effects Artist from Hungary. He is known for his 3D work as well as his visual compositions on DeviantArt as well as throughout the science fiction community.


3D Modeler, Visual Effects Artist

Hayden Aeries is a 3D Modeler and Visual Effects Artist hailing from Vancouver, British Columbia. He has developed interior sets for use in the Unreal Engine and has previously worked for Demonware.


3D Modeler, Visual Effects Artist

Barry Chapman is a 3D Modeler and Visual Effects Artist living in England. He has done work for the web series Trekyards and is known for his work modifying the video game Star Trek Bridge Commander.


2D Artist, Concept Artist

Tristan had done the initial concept art for Earth-Link Origins. He and Chris Cameron collaborated together to design the look and feel of the project when it was first attempted in 2009; his artwork continues to serve as the basis on which the Earth-Link Universe is designed.


2D Artist, Concept Artist

Sean Tourangeau is a concept artist and designer. He has designed ships for productions such as Axanar, and is known in the sci-fi community for designing the Luna-Class starship featured in the Star Trek Titan novels.


2D Artist

Ali Ries is a space artist hailing from Oregon. Sometimes referred to as "Miss Hubble" and "Casperium," Ali is known for her various space nebulae which have been featured in productions such as Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome, Axanar, and Renegades, among other science fiction productions.


Audio Engineer

Matt Haslam is a high school friend of Chris Kroznuski. He is a prolific sound producer, musician, and videographer from Pennsylvania and is a graduate of Lehigh Carbon and Community College, with a degree in Sound Production. In his spare time, he runs his own web show under the name Matt Haslam Productions.


Composer (Additional Music)

Julia Saltflower is a composer from Romania. She composes music with a hybridized style of rock, electronica, and orchestral elements, and her tracks have been featured on YouTube channels such as ThePrimeCronus.


Composer (Additional Music)

Aram Zero is a composer who writes music with a combined style of rock, electronica, dubstep, and orchestral elements. His pieces have been featured on YouTube channels such as ThePrimeCronus.

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