The Raxis System is the home system of the Morningstar Pirates. It consists of only three planets and marked the apparent final resting place of the prison ship Morning Star almost 2,000 years ago.

The unstable planet Raxis orbits an orange star of the same name.


  • Class: Terrestrial

  • Moons: None

  • One Day: ~ 120 Earth Days

  • One Year: ~ 120 Earth Days

  • Diameter: ~ 41,800 km

  • Colonization Date: Unknown

  • Population: Unknown

  • Capital: Unknown

Raxis, commonly referred to as “Pirates' Haven,” is the planet that marked the birthplace of the Morningstar Pirates. What little is known about this world indicates that it is a terrestrial planet with extreme volcanic activity, where life can exist only in small pockets on the planet's surface and in underground dwellings. It was this world upon which the prison ship Morning Star crashed, carrying criminals and outcasts from World War 3 and the Interplanetary War; despite the hostile nature of the planet, the descendants of these people would eventually find ways to cope, survive the planet's treacherous burdens, and rise up once again, eager to reap their ancestors' vengeance against the Earth and its Empire.

There are no confirmed details regarding the defenses of Raxis; however, it is assumed that the planet is defended by a massive Morningstar Fleet, and that Jupiter the Unstoppable rules his people from a secret base built within the debris ring surrounding the volcanic world. There are reports that various mercenary groups tend to use the planet's debris ring to make war upon each other; however, it would seem that the Morningstar forces do not know of these activities, or simply don't care.



  • Class: Jovian

  • Moons: 12

  • One Day: ~ 9 Earth Hours

  • One Year: ~ 417 Earth Days

  • Diameter:  ~160,000 km

  • Colonization Date: Unknown

  • Population: Unknown

  • Capital: Unknown

Davner is a ringed gas planet and the second in the Raxis system. It houses 12 moons, all of which are heavily defended by Morningstar forces, though the extent of these defenses, and any activities on Davner itself are unknown. Aside from being composed of hydrogen and helium, the planet has no other known remarkable features.



  • Class: Terrestrial

  • Moons: 3

  • One Day: ~ 40 Earth Hours

  • One Year: ~ 616 Earth Days

  • Diameter: ~ 13,000 km

  • Colonization Date: Unknown

  • Population: Unknown

  • Capital: Unknown

Iridanius Alpha, or simply Iridanius A, is a terrestrial planet similar to Earth; it is largely covered in water and is plentiful in natural resources needed to support life. Iridanius Alpha is often called the capital world of the Morningstar Pirates for this reason, and it is often shown as such in false propaganda campaigns; however, data sweeps from captured Morningstar vessels indicate that this is not the case. Iridanius Alpha was apparently named after Xel Iridanius, the criminal mastermind behind the Interplanetary War who led Jupiter, Saturn, and their respective colonized moons to battle with Sol's Inner Planets almost 2 millennia prior; there are those among the Morningstar forces who often revere him as their messiah as a result of his actions.

Little else is known about Iridanius Alpha; however, the Earth Empire speculates that various cyberwarfare suites orbit the planet or operate from its moons, as almost all attempts to gain information on it have ended with nothing more than static and white noise. It is assumed that Iridanius Alpha is as heavily defended as the rest of the Raxis system.

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