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Week of 1/29/2017 - Motion Capture Madness!

So after about three hours of trying to install drivers on my computer, I managed to get my XBox Kinect to cooperate with my iClone Software. With that done, I was able to do my first ever motion capture video. I may have been excited enough that I had to change my pants once I saw how good the result was -- especially for a first attempt.

I created an extremely quick digital version of myself in place of one of the main characters of Origins because the main characters are not yet ready to be shown from the neck down. After doing that, I just set up the Kinect in my room and waved hi to the camera; my movements translated to the iClone software from there. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

I'm disappointed by the lack of a curve editor in iClone so I am unable to tweak the animation in that software, but I can still at least export the animation out as a BVH file and smooth it in 3DS Max. I will likely spend this week figuring out a pipeline between the two programs.


-Chris K

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