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Week of 3/26/2017 - Introducing the VSN Spitfire!

Hi guys!

This week, our newest ship model, the VSN Spitfire, was completed by David Metlesits for the production. We have one wallpaper and one preview clip to show you guys of her this week, but expect more renders of her to follow!

Swift, powerful, and often underestimated at first glance, the Supermarine-Class Strike Frigate is a cutting-edge starship built for guerrilla raids against the Morningstar Pirates. The VSN Spitfire is the prototype vessel of the class, and is armed with almost enough new technologies to classify her as a pocket dreadnaught; according to simulations performed by Empire Research and Development, the Supermarine-Class can even outmaneuver an Endeavour-Class Destroyer.

The Spitfire CGI model was built by visual effects artist David Metlesits and will be one of the primary ships in Earth-Link Origins; the initial CGI model was built back in 2009 by Ken Citron for use in Hash's Animation Master, but the model did not survive the transition to our current effects software. Ken Citron's accomplishments on this project are duly noted in this post.

As always, stay tuned for more!


-Chris K

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