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Week of 4/9/2017 - Production is Almost Here!

Hi guys!

This week we saw the release of a new character: Kore the Swift! She will be played by Keaira Kusanagi, an accomplished VFX artist that has worked on the web series Renegades.

Kore the Swift

Beyond that we don't have much to show this week, but there is a valid reason for it: we are currently finishing up actor paperwork before we set sail for the production stage of the Earth-Link Origins Prologue.

In addition to that, we are almost finished with the teaser poster for the project, designed by Michael Wiley and myself (but mostly him!); we are looking at options to offer physical copies of this poster to patrons.

Stay tuned for more news on that, and for those who celebrate it this week, have a Happy Easter!


-Chris K

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