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Week of 4/30/2017 - Updated Patreon Tiers!

Hi guys!

Nothing much to report production-side this week. I have a lot going on in the month of May in regards to real life, so updates may be sporadic for the next couple of weeks.

However, we do have some news to share. We have updated our Patreon Reward Tiers as follows:


-The Engineer ($1 USD/Month)

-Patrons that donate at this level will get a Special Thanks on our website and any new video we release.

-In addition, you will gain access to our Patreon feed, which includes exclusive updates from behind the scenes as they are made!


-The Pilot ($3 USD/Month)

-Patrons that donate at "The Pilot" level will gain access to everything at "The Engineer" level.

-In addition, once a month, you will be able to ask a question to our creative team, and we will answer it for you on our live streaming sessions! (Restrictions apply.)


-The Soldier

-Patrons that donate at "The Soldier" level will gain everything at "The Pilot" level -- plus gain access to join our live streaming session through Discord! (Limit of 2.)


-The Protégé

-Patrons that donate at "The Protégé" level will gain everything at "The Pilot" level.

-In addition, Patrons at this level will also have access to download a full sized clip of any new video we release!


-The Commander

-Patrons who donate at "The Commander" level gain everything at "The Protégé" level -- plus an opportunity to join our live streaming session via Discord! (Limit of 2.)


-The Admiral

-Patrons donating at "The Admiral" level will gain everything at "The Commander" level.

-In addition, we will follow you on social media, give you shout-outs on our Facebook page, AND place your name on a ship in the series! (Limit of 2.)


-The Unstoppable

-The Patron that donates at "The Unstoppable" level gains all rewards at "The Admiral" level, PLUS JOIN OUR PRODUCTION TEAM! You will get the opportunity to collaborate with director Chris Kroznuski on animations, editing, and much more when it's time for post production! (Limit of 1.)


We are currently hard at work on a LIMITED EDITION perk for the first donors who want to join in, which will be announced next week. Stay tuned, folks!


-Chris K

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