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Weeks of 5/14/17 and 5/21/17 - Big Updates!

Hey guys! Apologies for missing last week's blog post; things have been hectic in my life so I was unable to post.

However, we have THREE EXCITING UPDATES from behind the scenes!

First off: I received a shipment this week containing the first prototypes of our posters, and they turned out to be FANTASTIC! As mentioned before, these posters were graciously created by Michael Wiley for the production.

Poster Prototypes!

Secondly, we are extending the deadline to receive one or both of these posters in physical format. If you want to be guaranteed to get one or both of these posters, you have until JUNE 10TH to become a Patron.

Lastly, we would like to announce that voice actor Greg Arnold has FINISHED HIS VOICE ACTING for the Earth-Link Origins Prologue! We are extremely excited to see him bring the character of ENDYMION to life throughout the series! We will be working with Robert S. Benjamin and Alex LaFreniere within the next couple of weeks to get their voice overs in as well.

Also, in case you missed it, our first footage of the VSN Spitfire is now available for viewing to the public! I talk a little about the design of the Spitfire and what we can expect of its capabilities throughout the series. You can watch it here:

We hope to have more to tell you guys next week!

Best, -Chris K

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