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Week of 5/28/2017 - ONE WEEK LEFT FOR POSTERS!

Hello folks!

First off, we want to say now that if you want a PHYSICAL POSTER from our project, you have ONE WEEK to become a Patreon Donor. Click here to go to our Patreon page if you are interested in getting one! If you are unable to donate this time, that's okay; we will be offering them again in the not too distant future.

So, progress: a lot of cool things have been happening behind the scenes; we've gotten Greg Arnold's voice overs in for Endymion, and next on our voice acting list is Alex LaFreniere! We are schedule to do his voice acting for Ganymede the Ambitious during the week of 6/11/17.

Until that day comes, I've been experimenting with workflows in 3DS Max (spaceship animation software), iClone (character animation software) and After Effects (post-production software) to try to get a final feel for how the project will ultimately look. We are aiming for a very colorful, stylistic feel, taking inspiration from films like Space Pirate Captain Harlock and games like Mass Effect.

So tell us, how's this look? ;)

Getting back to the subject of Voice Overs, our live session with Tim Torre, Ashley Kalfas, Chris Beckman and Clint Bracey is less than THREE WEEKS AWAY! We cannot begin to express how excited we are to be working with them.

Hope to keep you all in the loop!


-Chris K

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