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Week of 6/25/2017 - First Livestream Next Wednesday!

Hey folks!

So, exciting news: we are set to do our very first livestream later this coming week, where I'll be able to showcase some of the animation work that goes into the project. The livestream will take place at 11 PM Eastern Standard Time (that's 11 PM New York City Time) on Wednesday, July 5th.

We plan to use Discord for this livestream session, and though we are unsure of who will join us in this venture, we do plan to have at least one of our cast and crew on board. If you want to join in on the excitement, please consider becoming a Patron at "The Protégé" level or higher.

In the meantime, enjoy this wallpaper we created this past week, featuring our five main protagonists!

Reach out and touch the universe.


-Chris K

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