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Week of 10/7/2017 - Production Status, Website Changes, IndieGoGo Announcement?!

Hello everyone!

Many of you are probably wondering where we are in regards to the status of production. I am pleased to say that we have resumed production -- albeit on a very limited basis.

Most of the concept art for the production is completed, thanks to the hard work of our concept artist, Sean Tourangeau. It has been an extreme honor and privilege to work with him, and you can check out some of the work he has done for the project on his ArtStation page.

We have also restarted production of 3D assets, with Michael Wiley building a Carrier starship for the production. We shall post pictures of this new ship as it is built -- and, might I say, we are extremely excited to see it happen!

Now, in regards to changes to our website: you may have noticed our top menu bar looks a little, shall we say, different. We have removed the "Characters" tab and replaced it with a "Database" tab; this is because we are broadening the wealth of information in regards to the Earth-Link Universe. The "Characters" page can now be accessed through this new "Database" page.

We have also removed our "Become a Patron" tab; after discussing things with our team and reviewing the options, we feel that continuing to carry on the Patreon campaign would be negligible to the success of the project -- at least, at this time.

However, we want this project to succeed as much as you do, so we are looking at creating an IndieGoGo Campaign within the span of less than a year to help Earth-Link Origins continue beyond the Prologue. As production on the Prologue continues, we will reveal more and more information about this exciting new endeavour, including perks for potential donors, the potential future of the project, and more!

Coming Soon!

We hope to keep you all in the loop as production continues to pick up steam once again!

-Chris K

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