Week of 10/14/2017 - CONCEPT ART FINISHED!

Heya folks! We have some big news to share: Sean Tourangeau has finished all remaining concept art for the Earth-Link Origins Prologue! We would like to extend our sincerest thanks to him for his talents, and eagerly look forward to calling upon his talents for design as the series progresses beyond the Prologue.

Here are the ships he has designed, which are to be featured in the Prologue and future series-wide promotional material:

Leviathan Assault Frigate

Wasp Missile Frigate

Everest Battleship

F-117 Sparrowhawk Starfighter

FH-109 Robin Interceptor

SF-30x Falcon Starfighter

Hammerhead Battleship

The Judgment

We are looking forward to seeing our team of 3D artists transform these concept sketches into some extremely cool CGI models. Again, we would like to express our thanks and heartfelt gratitude to Sean Tourangeau for delivering his talents to this project!

We will keep you all in the loop as future developments are announced!


-Chris K

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