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Week of 10/28/2017 - Production Steadily Resumes!

Hey guys! So, exciting news: we are almost at the point where we can FULLY resume production!

We have given the go ahead for our team of 3D artists to resume their current assignments for the project, and are set to resume voice acting within two weeks time.

Sean Tourangeau is currently working up schematics of each ship design that we have for the series; he has recently finished work on the schematics for the SF-30 Falcon Starfighter, which is now set to be built by one of our 3D modeling team.

Schematics for the SF-30 Falcon, designed by Sean Tourangeau.

We are also in the process of expanding our database of in-universe lore, and sincerely hope that what we've written here gives the audience an appreciation of all that we're doing to bring this project to life; so far we have information on 3 Solar Systems in our database, and are working to expand our information in the database to include the History of the Earth Empire and In-Universe Technology. As production on the project continues, we hope to gradually reveal more and more about the universe we are working to create.

One last update for the week: I have been conferring with some of the people on my team, and we are working on a means to expedite the release of the Earth-Link Origins Prologue up to two months earlier than our original release date of June, but we will need YOUR help to do it. More details will follow within the coming weeks!


-Chris K

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