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Weeks of 11/18 & 11/25/2017

Heya folks! First of all, we hope all of you had a Happy Thanksgiving!

Now, you guys want an update on the project. We sincerely apologize for not being able to say what we've been doing as of late, but we can say big, BIG things are happening behind the scenes. I've been meeting up with Matt Haslam who has been helping me put together something very special for the project, but we can't say what it is yet until it's all finished. We are planning to meet up over the next couple of weeks to ensure what we are about to deliver is the best we can make it.

There is one more thing worth noting: we are resuming production IN FULL this next week, beginning with voiceover work to be done by Brandon Rainsford! We are extremely excited to see him bring the character of Catscratch to life!

Expect to hear some BIG announcements within the next couple of weeks as Matt and I wrap up the project we're working on and as voice acting progresses!

All our best,

-Chris K

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