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Week of 12/2/2017 - December Plans!

Hello everyone! We can now safely say that production has officially resumed full steam ahead!

So we have a very big schedule set up for the month of December. First off, Matt and I plan to make some huge headway concerning our mystery project for the film over the next couple of weeks. Suffice to say, we will be able to tell all of you exactly what it is come December 16th.

Secondly, we have three voice-over goals this month. We have decided to push Brandon Rainsford's voice over work for Catscratch to next week instead of doing them this week -- I was sick and unable to direct adequately. However, we are set to resume voice acting this coming Thursday, December 7th, and are extremely excited to work with Brandon to bring the character of Catscratch to life!

Our next two voice-over goals will involve Grant Patrizio as Councilor Dascar and Tom Gore as Admiral Maverick. We are set to get their voice acting in before the year's end -- and once they are done, there will only be two voice acting sessions left before we can focus our efforts on post-production of the Prologue!

We hope all of you are excited as we ramp our way forward once again!

All our best,

-Chris K

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