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Merry Christmas! Welcome, Olivia Szlasa!

Heya folks! First off, we would like to wish our fans, friends, and followers a very safe and Merry Christmas!

We mentioned in our previous post that we had a new team member aboard the project; we are excited to announce that Olivia Szlasa has joined our crew as a writer and editor aboard Earth-Link Origins!

Olivia Szlasa is a writer and editor from upstate New York. She fell in love with writing during high school, where she was continuously encouraged to submit her work to different competitions. Olivia has won several poetry competitions, and her work has been published in a handful of various books and magazines, including Xanadu Literary Magazine for Lehigh Carbon Community College; additionally, she has won NaNoWriMo twice. Her works include fantasy, creative non-fiction, and poetry; one of her greatest achievements in writing is winning the Daughters of the American Revolution essay contest in 2014.

Olivia will be assisting in writing the full script for Earth-Link Origins -- that is, everything beyond our Prologue. We are excited and honored to have her aboard the project!

All our best,

-Chris K

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