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IndieGoGo Begins February 1st!

Heya folks!

So as it stands, we are going to need a little extra help -- from all of you -- to ensure that the Prologue makes its planned release date of June 2018; to this end, we are launching an IndieGoGo Campaign starting on February 1st. The campaign will last 30 days, and 10% of all donations made will go directly to three different charities, whether we make our minimum goal or not.

Details concerning our IndieGoGo campaign, including potential perks we are willing to give to you in exchange for your donation, are in this video:

If you're unable to donate, that's quite all right! You can still help us out by simply spreading the word about us and what we're setting out to accomplish. Tell your friends, your friends' friends, heck, tell your cousin's sister's daughter about us!

We hope you'll stick with us as we push forward into the unknown!

All our best,

-Chris Kroznuski

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