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July/August 2018 Project Status Update

Heya folks! Director Chris K reporting in.

We have been showcasing the first few minutes of our Prologue to several websites and venues, all of whom have had very positive reactions to the footage we've produced so far.

Aside from this, not much has happened production-wise these past two months; however, once September rolls around, we will be continuing motion capture sessions for the Prologue. I will be performing most, if not all, of the male motion capture sessions, and will likely be bringing aboard a female motion capture actress to perform for our female characters. It will take a few months to get all the motion capture sessions done; as a result, we will be unable to release the Prologue for September as we had hoped.

However, this project is far from over, and we are going to keep working until we get it done.

We will keep you posted on any further developments!

All our best,

-Chris K

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