The Tyr System is a contested solar system of seven planets, with almost each one being rich in resources. Its colonization by both Empire and Morningstar forces is very recent, only having been colonized within the past 50 years; as a result, only one moon in the entire system has a proper name.

A Morningstar Destroyer departs Tyr VII.


  • Class: Terrestrial

  • Moons: None

  • One Day: ~ 64 Earth Days

  • One Year: ~ 102 Earth Days

  • Diameter: ~ 6,700 km

  • Colonization Date: April 27, 4163

  • Population: Unknown

  • Capital: Unknown

Tyr I is a rock planet colonized by the Morningstar Pirates. Very little is known about its surface composition and its military forces, but due to data recently procured by Empiret forces, it is assumed that the planet is much like Mercury, made up of a metallic core with a thin outer crust and little to no gravity.

The Morningstar Pirates are believed to house several underground shipyards built into the craters of the planet's surface; it is speculated that these shipyards are heavily defended and number in the hundreds. Recent data indicates that the planet also houses dozens of starfighter platforms in orbit, in addition to a standardized early-warning system. All other details are unknown.



  • Class: Jovian

  • Moons: 3

  • One Day: ~ 14 Earth Hours

  • One Year: ~ 300 Earth Days

  • Diameter: 84,000 km

  • Colonization Date: May 18, 4181

  • Population: Unknown

  • Capital: Unknown

Tyr II is a gas giant and, as its name implies, the second planet from Tyr. It is made up of hydrogen and helium much like Jupiter, however, it is only 2/3rds of Jupiter's size. Tyr II is controlled by the Morningstar Pirates, however, according to recent data sweeps, it is implied that the planet is the least heavily defended by the force.

Tyr II has three moons, but strangely enough, only one appears to be populated. Tyr II A and Tyr II C appear to be Demon-Class Moons, but this has not been confirmed; Tyr II B appears to be a refinery and refueling station that converts elements from the planet into starship fuel for Morningstar vessels. Several raids on Morningstar convoys moving between Tyr I and II have revealed that Tyr II is only defended by one fleet; the number of ships in this fleet is not known, but is estimated to be between 30 to 50 capital ships, with nothing larger than one or two battlecruiser-type ships. The only reason the Empire has not yet acted on this information is because about 70 percent of system-wide Empiret resources are committed to capturing Tyr IV.


  • Class: Terrestrial

  • Moons: 6

  • One Day: ~ 25 Earth Hours

  • One Year: ~ 590 Earth Days

  • Diameter: ~ 15,000 km

  • Colonization Date: September 16, 4174

  • Population: Unknown

  • Capital: Unknown

Tyr III is a terrestrial planet claimed by the Morningstar Pirates; of all planets in the system, Tyr III appears to be the most heavily defended. Compared to the other Morningstar-claimed planets in the system, Tyr III is a planet much like Earth, already capable of supporting life, with a large, thin ring system and six natural satellites.

According to scans taken from Empiret spy probes, Tyr III is known to have several large bases dedicated to the reverse engineering of new technology retrieved from the Earth Empire. Besides this, Tyr III is known to have a small planet-side facility dedicated to the construction of deep-space cruise missiles for use against inter-system Empiret forces and bases.

Tyr III's defense grid contains between 5,000 and 10,000 anti-orbital beam gun batteries; these weapons appear to be based on Directed Ion Energy Weapons manufactured by Wraith Industries. It is not known if these weapons are being built by the Morningstar Pirates, or if Wraith Industries is willingly providing them the technology, however, Empiret forces have elected not to pursue this mystery, stating that it is not necessarily a priority at this time. Additionally, Tyr III is home to a fleet of over 500 capital ships, ranging from destroyer-type to battlecruiser-type vessels; it is rumored that an older dreadnaught-type ship leads this capital ship group, however this has not been confirmed.



  • Class: Terrestrial

  • Moons: 2

  • One Day: ~ 33 Earth Hours

  • One Year: ~ 712 Earth Days

  • Diameter: ~ 13,000 km

  • Colonization Date: June 12, 4169

  • Population: Unknown (approx. 38,000 Empiret Troops)

  • Capital: None

Tyr IV is a rock planet similar to Tyr III, in that it is capable of supporting life. However, the planet has seen so much abuse since its discovery that it is unknown whether the planet can function this way as it once did when first discovered. While Tyr IV is a “Goldilocks” planet much like Earth, it is not the planet's most prominent feature.

What makes Tyr IV such a prized planet is that it contains huge deposits of gold in its crust. Both Empire and Morningstar forces had touched down and set up shop on the planet at around the same time in 4169. The Morningstar forces have since attempted to do everything in their power to drive the Empiret forces away, but the Empire has not budged, thanks to forces from neighboring solar systems. This has enacted a gold rush between the two factions as well as numerous mercenary groups, in what locals forces call “The Gold War.”

The planet is so hotly contested by both forces that the Earth Empire has considered bringing in a dreadnaught-type vessel to help push back the Morningstar forces; while this is not exactly common knowledge, reports of this consideration have been leaked to the public thanks to informants of an information broker organization known as The Excelsior Group. This report has spurned the Morningstar forces to redouble their own efforts towards taking the planet – it is rumored that the Pirates are considering detonating the planet's core via controlled implosion to deny both sides the valuable resources hidden beneath its surface.



  • Class: Jovian

  • Moons: 25

  • One Day: ~ 16 Earth Hours

  • One Year: ~ 7 Earth Years

  • Diameter: ~ 200,000 km

  • Colonization Date: June 12, 4172

  • Population: ~ 1.2 million (Moons)

  • Capital: Apsis City, Tyr V D

Tyr V is a gas giant loyal to the Earth Empire. The planet is purple in color due to large amounts of liquid and gaseous iodine in its atmosphere; the iodine is extracted and mined from the planet in much the same way that Jupiter and Saturn are mined for their hydrogen and helium.


Tyr V was colonized in 4172, when the Earth Empire was just getting its footing in the system on the neighboring planet Tyr IV. However, frequent attacks by Morningstar forces have made the planet an unsafe environment for civilians, and most commercial freighters in the area are often quick to turn down jobs to make supply runs to the planet and its moons. The moons are often used to process the raw materials found in Tyr V's atmosphere into usable form; iodine mined from the “surface” of the planet is used in modern medicine and exported accordingly, while other raw materials are used in weapons manufactured specifically for infantrymen and terrain based vehicles. These activities have proven to give the Empire a slight advantage in the Empire's ground support activities on the Gold War presently occurring on Tyr IV.

As frequent raids occur on Tyr V, at least 5,000 defense turrets surround the planet's moons and areas where mining takes place, with over 20,000 more destined for construction over the planet itself. Additionally, numerous starfighter and star bomber platforms are scattered around the planet's moons. A cyber-warfare suite is also under construction on Tyr V F, designed to infect any unauthorized intruding vessels with a virus that shuts down almost all systems on the target craft; it is unknown when this device will be completed, as all other details regarding its construction are withheld.



  • Class: Terrestrial

  • Moons: 5

  • One Day: ~ 47 Earth Hours

  • One Year: ~ 15 Earth Years

  • Diameter: ~ 15,000 km

  • Colonization Date: February 12, 4167

  • Population: ~ 2.7 million

  • Capital: Damocles

Tyr VI is a rock planet that suffers from high volcanic activity; however, it is not magma that erupts to its surface. Instead of magma, the planet's volcanoes erupt with a liquid ore commonly referred to as Sgaran. This ore is used in the construction of liquid cooling devices for computer processing units; it is also used in the construction of starship hulls manufactured by KazuyaTek.

When the discovery of the Sgaran ore volcanoes became public knowledge, KazuyaTek entered an agreement with the Earth Empire to establish a permanent base on Tyr VI A; in exchange, KazuyaTek would use these facilities to manufacture ships for the Empire exclusively for military purposes. These facilities have since reinforced the Empire's in-system presence with numerous benefits, from battlecruisers to a limited number of the prototype Mako super starfighter.

The KazuyaTek facilities on Tyr VI have also assisted shipyard facilities owned by Garuda Industries and Boeing & Schumann Manufacturing on nearby Tyr VII; on the decision, KazuyaTek CEO Tekiva Kazuya, who lost his mother Meguna during the Raid on Thanatos Starport, declared that “the best vengeance is one achieved through means that your enemies would view with disgust.” Some rumors suggest that the combined work of KazuyaTek, Garuda Industries, and B&S Manufacturing has bolstered the efficiency of all Empiret ships native to the system with a 5% increase in their primary power reactors.

Tyr VI and its moons are defended by a prototype Synergy Bombardment Defense Network co-designed by KazuyaTek and Empiret R&D; all five moons and the planet itself can re-route power from one stellar body to the next in the event of an orbital assault. Tyr VI is also defended by a gravity minefield supplied by Garuda Industries: any unauthorized ship approaching one of these mines is at first immobilized with a computer virus that shuts down the ship's engines; the ship is then drawn into the nearby mine by an attached artificial gravity well generator built into the explosive; finally, upon surface contact with one of these devices, the target ship will suffer a tremendous amount of damage, as each mine is outfitted with 5 kilos of matter and another 5 kilos of anti-matter. The planet and its moons are also defended by several planetary and lunar-based starfighter squadrons in the event that the minefield is unable to warn opposing ships away.



  • Class: Jovian

  • Moons: 1

  • One Day: ~ 20 Earth Hours

  • One Year: ~ 44 Earth Years

  • Diameter: ~ 170,000 km

  • Colonization Date: December 3, 4170

  • Population: ~ 500,000

  • Capital: Kent, Dachuur

Tyr VII is the last known planet orbiting the Tyr star. It is a gas planet comparable to Jupiter, with hydrogen and helium comprising its main composition. Given the planet's size, one would easily assume that Tyr VII has a large number of moons; however, only one such moon has been discovered in the planet's orbit. Tyr VII is loyal to the Earth Empire.

Aside from the study of new technologies made to help colonize hostile alien worlds, Tyr VII is also the home of a shipyard run by both Garuda Industries and Boeing & Schumann Manufacturing. KazuyaTek officials from Tyr VI have frequently assisted these shipyards, helping produce vessels from all three manufacturers with more efficiency than most normal shipyards are capable of. The only other defining feature of this planet is its large amount of hydrogen and helium, which is mined for starship fuel.

Tyr VII is defended by a modest fleet of only seven ships; aside from the huge shipyards and terraforming facilities built into the moon, no other such defining features are known about Tyr VII, designating the planet a near low-priority target. However, the current orbital position of Tyr VII in the system places it in near-perfect alignment with Morningstar-owned Tyr III, who could easily capture the planet if spurned; should the capture of Tyr VII be confirmed, there would be almost nothing to stop the Morningstar Pirates from overtaking the rest of the Tyr System. This has been noted by Earth Empire Central Command, who has since dispatched a small fleet to assist in its defense if necessary.